Oscar Nominees 2024: 96th Academy Awards Nominations Full List

Get ready for the glitz and glamour of the 96th Annual Academy Awards, set to light up our screens on Sunday, March 10, at the iconic Dolby Theatre in Ovation Hollywood! The excitement is palpable as Oscar nominees 2024 are finally out.

Leading the pack with an impressive 13 nominations is the critically acclaimed ‘Oppenheimer’, setting the stage for a thrilling race. Not far behind is ‘Poor Things’, starring the ever-charismatic Emma Stone, which has clinched 11 nods. The gripping ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ isn’t far off, with 10 nominations, while last year’s sensation ‘Barbie’ dazzles with eight. ‘American Fiction’, featuring the talented Jeffrey Wright, rounds out the list with five well-deserved nominations.

And who better to host this star-studded event than Jimmy Kimmel, returning for his fourth time to bring his unique blend of humor and charm to the Oscars stage.

Last year, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ set a high bar, sweeping up seven awards, including the coveted Best Picture. Will 2024 Oscar nominees reach such heights? Stay tuned for a night of unforgettable moments and discover the complete list of nominees. It’s sure to be a night to remember!

Best Picture: Cinematic Excellence

The Best Picture category is stacked with diverse and outstanding films, each offering a unique cinematic experience and leaving a lasting impact on audiences.

  • ‘American Fiction’ tells a compelling story with depth.
  • ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ is a gripping, thought-provoking film.
  • ‘Barbie’ offers a fun and imaginative take.
  • ‘The Holdovers’ captivates with its unique narrative.
  • ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ is a powerful, historical drama.
  • ‘Maestro’ showcases artistic brilliance.
  • Oppenheimer‘ is a masterful blend of story and spectacle.
  • ‘Past Lives’ explores profound themes.
  • ‘Poor Things’ is whimsical yet meaningful.
  • ‘The Zone of Interest’ presents a striking, intense story.

Best Actress: A Showdown of Talent

This category is a celebration of female prowess in acting, featuring a mix of seasoned talents and fresh faces, each bringing unique stories to life with their captivating performances.

  • Annette Bening dazzles in ‘Nyad’, bringing depth and grace to her role.
  • Lily Gladstone shines in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, delivering a powerful performance.
  • Sandra Hüller captivates in ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, showcasing her exceptional range.
  • Carey Mulligan impresses in ‘Maestro’, offering a nuanced portrayal.
  • Emma Stone enchants in ‘Poor Things’, proving yet again why she’s a favorite.

Best Actor: Leading Men in the Limelight

The Best Actor nominees represent a diverse range of characters, each actor bringing their own unique flair and depth to their roles, making this a particularly competitive category.

  • Bradley Cooper brings charisma to ‘Maestro’, showcasing his versatility.
  • Colman Domingo stands out in ‘Rustin’, delivering a heartfelt performance.
  • Paul Giamatti excels in ‘The Holdovers’, blending subtlety and strength.
  • Cillian Murphy mesmerizes in ‘Oppenheimer’, a testament to his skill.
  • Jeffrey Wright anchors ‘American Fiction’, displaying profound depth.

Best Supporting Actress: Scene-Stealing Performances

This category is a showcase of actresses who have delivered standout performances in supporting roles, each leaving a lasting impact on their respective films.

  • Emily Blunt is riveting in ‘Oppenheimer’, adding a dynamic edge.
  • Danielle Brooks captivates in ‘The Color Purple’, with a soulful act.
  • America Ferrera delights in ‘Barbie’, offering a memorable turn.
  • Jodie Foster is compelling in ‘Nyad’, demonstrating her enduring talent.
  • Da’Vine Joy Randolph sparkles in ‘The Holdovers’, a true scene-stealer.

Best Supporting Actor: Masters of Their Craft

2024 Oscar nominees in this category have brilliantly complemented their leading counterparts, delivering memorable and powerful performances that have significantly contributed to their films.

  • Sterling K. Brown in ‘American Fiction’ provides a gripping performance.
  • Robert De Niro in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ brings his legendary prowess.
  • Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Oppenheimer’ offers a layered portrayal.
  • Ryan Gosling in ‘Barbie’ adds a surprising depth.
  • Mark Ruffalo in ‘Poor Things’ is a standout, delivering with finesse.

Best Director: Visionaries Behind the Camera

This category highlights the creative geniuses who have not just directed films, but crafted cinematic experiences, each bringing their unique vision and style to the forefront.

  • Justine Triet for ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, showcasing innovative direction.
  • Martin Scorsese for ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, a master at work.
  • Christopher Nolan for ‘Oppenheimer’, a directorial genius.
  • Yorgos Lanthimos for ‘Poor Things’, known for his unique vision.
  • Jonathan Glazer for ‘The Zone of Interest’, pushing cinematic boundaries.

Best Original Screenplay: Stories That Captivate

The nominees for Best Original Screenplay are a testament to the power of storytelling, each script offering something unique and engaging, ranging from complex narratives to emotionally resonant tales.

  • ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ – A compelling narrative.
  • ‘The Holdovers’ – A unique and engaging story.
  • ‘Maestro’ – A beautifully crafted script.
  • ‘May December’ – A tale that resonates.
  • ‘Past Lives’ – An intriguing and original concept.

Best Adapted Screenplay: New Life to Existing Works

The Best Adapted Screenplay category celebrates the art of reimagining and revitalizing existing works, turning them into compelling cinematic experiences that stand on their own.

  • ‘American Fiction’ – An adaptation that adds depth and nuance.
  • ‘Barbie’ – A creative and fun spin on a familiar story.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ – A masterful adaptation of complex material.
  • ‘Poor Things’ – A fresh take on a classic tale.
  • ‘The Zone of Interest’ – Transforming a story into a cinematic gem.

Best Cinematography: A Feast for the Eyes

The Best Cinematography category showcases films that are not just seen but felt, with each nominee bringing a distinct visual language that elevates their storytelling.

  • ‘El Conde’ dazzles with its visual storytelling.
  • ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ captures stunning imagery.
  • ‘Maestro’ combines elegance and style in its shots.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ is a visual masterpiece.
  • ‘Poor Things’ offers a unique and captivating aesthetic.

Best Original Score: A Symphony of Emotions

These nominees for Best Original Score have masterfully used music to enhance the emotional depth and narrative impact of their films, creating unforgettable auditory experiences.

  • ‘American Fiction’ sets the tone with its evocative score.
  • ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ revives classic themes with a twist.
  • ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ blends music and narrative seamlessly.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ captivates with its intense musical backdrop.
  • ‘Poor Things’ features a score as whimsical as its story.

Best Original Song: Melodies That Resonate

Each nominated song not only enhances its film but stands alone as a powerful piece of music, offering a range of styles and emotional depth.

  • “The Fire Inside” from ‘Flamin’ Hot’ ignites emotions.
  • “I’m Just Ken” from ‘Barbie’ adds a fun, catchy rhythm.
  • “It Never Went Away” from ‘American Symphony’ is deeply moving.
  • “Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)” from ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ is soulful and poignant.
  • “What Was I Made For?” from ‘Barbie’ explores depth with its lyrics.

Best Editing: The Art of Seamless Storytelling

The nominees in the Best Editing category have excelled in crafting stories that flow seamlessly, enhancing the overall impact of the films through their skillful editing.

  • ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ is edited with precision and grace.
  • ‘The Holdovers’ showcases smooth and engaging editing.
  • ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ combines narrative flow with visual beauty.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ is a triumph of pacing and structure.
  • ‘Poor Things’ balances whimsy and coherence expertly.

Best Production Design: Worlds Brought to Life

These films stand out for their exceptional production design, creating immersive worlds that are integral to their narratives and a feast for the eyes.

  • ‘Barbie’ creates a vibrant and fantastical world.
  • ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ immerses viewers in its setting.
  • ‘Napoleon’ showcases grandeur and historical detail.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ presents a meticulously crafted era.
  • ‘Poor Things’ blends the surreal with the real.

Best Costume Design: Fashioning Characters

The nominees for Best Costume Design have significantly contributed to the authenticity and aesthetic of their films, using costumes as a powerful tool to define characters and settings.

  • ‘Barbie’ brings playful and iconic costumes.
  • ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ dresses its characters in period-perfect attire.
  • ‘Napoleon’ offers a lavish and detailed costume design.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ captures the essence of an era.
  • ‘Poor Things’ combines style with storytelling.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Transformations on Screen

This category celebrates the incredible artistry in makeup and hairstyling that has played a pivotal role in bringing characters to life and enhancing the visual appeal of their respective films.

  • ‘Golda’ impresses with its realistic character transformations.
  • ‘Maestro’ showcases exquisite attention to detail.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ combines historical accuracy with artistic flair.
  • ‘Poor Things’ creatively uses makeup and hairstyling.
  • ‘Society of the Snow’ excels in creating impactful visuals.

Best Sound: An Auditory Masterpiece

The nominees in Best Sound have mastered the art of using sound to elevate storytelling, creating auditory landscapes that are as integral to the films as their visuals.

  • ‘The Creator’ delivers an immersive sound experience.
  • ‘Maestro’ blends music and sound seamlessly.
  • ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’ excites with its dynamic sound design.
  • ‘Oppenheimer’ creates a powerful auditory landscape.
  • ‘The Zone of Interest’ impresses with its nuanced sound work.

Best Visual Effects: Pushing Boundaries of Imagination

These films have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in visual effects, creating awe-inspiring visuals that enhance the storytelling and captivate audiences.

  • ‘The Creator’ showcases innovative visual effects.
  • ‘Godzilla Minus One’ brings larger-than-life creatures to the screen.
  • ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ dazzles with its cosmic spectacle.
  • ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’ thrills with high-octane effects.
  • ‘Napoleon’ impresses with its epic scale and visual grandeur.

Best International Feature: Global Storytelling

This category celebrates international cinema, showcasing a rich tapestry of stories that resonate globally, reflecting different cultures and perspectives.

  • ‘Io Capitano’ brings an inspiring tale.
  • ‘Perfect Days’ is a captivating, emotional journey.
  • ‘Society of the Snow’ is a gripping survival story.
  • ‘The Teachers’ Lounge’ offers insightful social commentary.
  • ‘The Zone of Interest’ combines drama and history masterfully.

Best Animated Feature: Imaginative and Enchanting

The Best Animated Feature nominees are a testament to the limitless possibilities of animation, each bringing unique stories and styles to life in vibrant and imaginative ways.

  • ‘The Boy and the Heron’ tells a heartwarming tale.
  • ‘Elemental’ is a visually stunning and creative film.
  • ‘Nimona’ offers a fresh, bold take on animation.
  • ‘Robot Dreams’ is inventive and emotionally resonant.
  • ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ brings action-packed adventure.

Best Animated Short: Brief But Brilliant

These animated shorts demonstrate the power of concise storytelling, blending artistry, emotion, and creativity in a brief format.

  • ‘Letter to a Pig’ is touching and thought-provoking.
  • ‘Ninety-Five Senses’ is visually and emotionally engaging.
  • ‘Our Uniform’ explores meaningful themes with creativity.
  • ‘Pachyderme’ is an artistic and surreal experience.
  • ‘War Is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko’ offers a musical, animated journey.

Best Live-Action Short: Compact Storytelling at Its Best

The nominees in this category excel in the art of short-form storytelling, offering a range of themes and styles that captivate and entertain.

  • ‘The After’ is a haunting and impactful short.
  • ‘Invincible’ is a compelling tale of resilience.
  • ‘Knight of Fortune’ combines adventure and intrigue.
  • ‘Red, White and Blue’ presents a powerful narrative.
  • ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’ is a whimsical and engaging film.

Best Documentary Feature: Real Stories, Powerful Impact

This category features documentaries that not only inform but also move audiences with their powerful storytelling and exploration of real-world issues. Oscar Nominees 2024.

  • ‘Bobi Wine: The People’s President’ is an inspiring political journey.
  • ‘The Eternal Memory’ is a poignant exploration of memory and loss.
  • ‘Four Daughters’ delves into personal and social themes.
  • ‘To Kill a Tiger’ is a gripping and courageous story.
  • ’20 Days in Mariupol’ captures a harrowing, real-life conflict.

Best Documentary Short: Insightful and Impactful

These documentary shorts provide insightful glimpses into various aspects of life, culture, and social issues, all told with depth and sensitivity. See Oscar Nominees 2024 for this category.

  • ‘The ABCs of Book Banning’ tackles a controversial subject.
  • ‘The Barber of Little Rock’ is a heartwarming tale of community.
  • ‘Island in Between’ explores cultural identity.
  • ‘The Last Repair Shop’ is a nostalgic look at a fading craft.
  • ‘Nǎi Nai and Wài Pó’ offers a touching family portrait.

Final Words

As we wrap up our look at the Oscar Nominees for 2024 and the 96th Annual Academy Awards, the excitement is palpable. This year’s ceremony is shaping up to be a spectacular celebration of cinematic brilliance. With categories like Best Picture highlighting gripping narratives, and Best Animated Feature showcasing innovative storytelling, every nominee reflects the exceptional creativity and artistry that defines this year’s Oscars. Get ready for an unforgettable showcase of the best in film

The Oscars, especially this year with the Oscar Nominees for 2024, continue to honor the amazing stories told on screen and the remarkable individuals who bring them to life – the actors, directors, writers, and everyone involved in the movie-making process. With a lineup as diverse and impressive as this year’s, the upcoming Academy Awards are set to be a night filled with memorable moments and groundbreaking achievements in the world of film.

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