Oscar Predictions for 2024 Academy Awards from Entertainment Industry Experts

The 96th annual Academy Awards on Sunday will bring together nominees that include box office record-breakers, Hollywood veterans, newcomers, and more than one epic drama as big players and even bigger films contend for prestigious recognition. The 2024 Oscar ballot promises to make for an interesting night. Ahead of the show, entertainment industry experts shared their 2024 Oscar predictions for the outcomes of some of the top categories.

Best Picture Predictions

“Oppenheimer” as the Frontrunner

“Oppenheimer” is the clear frontrunner to win the Oscar for best picture. Christopher Nolan’s epic historical drama about the nuclear physicist known as “the father of the atomic bomb” leads nominations at the Academy Awards this year, with 13 nods. It has already taken home every precursor prize at earlier awards shows this season, giving big hints as to how it will fare in Sunday’s best picture race.

Potential Underdogs

Potential underdogs for the best picture prize could still include “The Holdovers,” Alexander Payne’s nostalgic crowd-pleaser, Justine Triet’s multilingual court drama “Anatomy of a Fall,” or Yorgos Lanthimos’ offbeat sci-fi comedy “Poor Things,” which follows “Oppenheimer” with 11 Oscar nominations.

Best Actor Predictions

Cillian Murphy as the Favorite

Cillian Murphy, who starred as the namesake scientist in “Oppenheimer,” is favored to win the best actor award, owing to the huge success of the movie as well as Murphy’s previous wins at the SAG Awards and the BAFTAs.

Best Actress Predictions

A Tight Race between Lily Gladstone and Emma Stone

The best actress race is perhaps the most debated Oscar competition this year, with Lily Gladstone and Emma Stone pacing neck-and-neck for their respective performances in “Killers of the Flower Moon” and “Poor Things.”

Lily Gladstone’s Quiet Performance

Critics describe Lily Gladstone’s performance in “Killers of the Flower Moon” as quieter and more internal compared to Emma Stone’s physical performance in “Poor Things.”

Emma Stone’s Flawless Performance

Emma Stone’s performance in “Poor Things” is described as flawless, with the physicality of the role matched with emotion and dialogue.

The Significance of Lily Gladstone’s Potential Win

As a woman of color, seeing Lily Gladstone potentially become the first indigenous actress winner is incredible, not just for her community but for the country as a whole.

Final Words

The competition is fierce in all categories, with various factors contributing to the potential outcomes. The 2024 Academy Awards promise to be an exciting night filled with well-deserved recognition for the talented individuals in the entertainment industry. Oscar predictions 2024.

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